Since 2016, we have been organizing annual education abroad exhibitions, attracting the attention of thousands of students and their families. These are purposeful and ambitious students seeking quality education outside their country.

Our exhibitions become a meeting place for representatives of universities and educational institutions from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Europe, Asia, Russia and other countries, who provide valuable information to our visitors.

Presentation of educational programs and services:
You can present the full range of your educational programs and services to our visitors.
Promotion of new services and training programs:
You get the opportunity to demonstrate and market your new services and training programs.
Attracting the attention of applicants:
Your institution will actively attract the attention of applicants and exhibition visitors to the educational programs you have developed.
Establishing a successful image:
You will be able to declare yourself as a successful organization or educational institution, strengthening your image in the education market.
Market and competition research:
During the exhibition, you will be able to study the educational market and competition in it, which will help you develop more effective development strategies.
Innovation and new technologies:
You will be aware of the latest innovations and new technologies in education, allowing you to keep up with the times.
Strengthening market presence:
You will be able to maintain your presence in the market through active participation in the exhibition and promotion of your services.
Search for agents and partners:
You will be able to identify possible agents and partners for cooperation in the future.
Search for new shots:
You will have the opportunity to search for new personnel for your organization.
Image creation:
Participation in the exhibition will help you create a positive image of your organization in front of clients and partners.
Increasing customer loyalty:
You will be able to increase the loyalty of your customers through active participation in the event and the introduction of new services and programs.
Update contacts:
You will be able to renew contacts with former customers and establish new business connections.
Introducing new products or services to the market:
You will be able to successfully introduce new products or services to the market, attracting the attention of potential customers.
Speeding up the sales process:
Your participation in the exhibition will help speed up the sales process and increase your customer base.
Attracting media attention:
You will be able to attract media attention to your organization and your products or services.
Perspective analysis:
You will be able to draw conclusions about the prospects for the development of your business and educational programs based on the results of participation in the exhibition.
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